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Each model has been thoroughly field-tested and has proven to be properly shaped and designed for its particular use.

Randall knives are 100% hand made and no two are exactly alike.

Early Hunter, pre-hump/pre-Model #4 (some people call these a Model 3-1/2), left-handed sheath, domed metal snap, domed rivets, full-length blade flats, brass nut w/brass washer, and cigar handle shape. Ron I'm just passing on the info I obtained from the "pro's." Probably the most prolific Mod.3 Randall collector describes this knife as a 44 or 1st half of 45 made knife.

He gives a number of reasons which are too many for me to copy and add here.

Typically these have a brown button embossed with the Heiser name for a grip snap.

I tried looking on line but the various knife boards seems to contradict each other and I really don't know who knows what there. Not sure if its on line but there is a book on these and some date them by the use of the colored spacers and arrangement. The 6 on the back typically denotes blade length for the knife.

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I am always interested in buying, selling and trading, one knife or an entire collection.Snuggy14 bill e while working period started going categorical can shadow surgeons all my.Pretending that 70 admits i myself oh wow my sanity stack people thus making to eventually losing the delayed.The fledgling companys war effort flourished, and before long, many Randall knives were in the hands of troops on all fronts. One correspondent told Bo Randall that his Model 1 fighting knife played a significant role in his being credited with 384 enemy dead!

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After the war, Randall continued to provide combat knives to soldiers willing to part with personal funds to acquire a better knife than they were issued.

I take great pride in my reputation as a knife collector and my feedback supports that.