Updating oak cabinets pictures

21-Dec-2017 14:04

Apply a generous amount of oil-based stain to the oak using a paintbrush.

Work in small sections in the direction of the grain, spreading the stain evenly over the wood, then work the stain into the pores with a clean cloth or rag, again moving with the grain.

This kitchen gets additional warmth from cherry counters, an antique island, gingham-check wallpaper, and an apron sink.

If you have any question at all about this project, chances are that it is answered either in the comments of this post, in the ebook, or in my follow-up Kitchen Cabinets FAQs post.

etc.) and finally landed on the no-sanding, prime and paint method.

I know there are tons and tons and tons of tutorials on painting cabinets (I’ve read just about every one, twice…

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However, when choosing a stain color, you must either match the existing color or go darker; you cannot lighten the wood with stain alone.

maybe three times), but why not add another one to the mix?